Immune System

The Immunodeficiency Diseases

There are many types of cells that are part of the immune system located in different tissues and organs throughout the body.  Each component of the immune system works cooperatively with the other. Therefore, it is essential that each component of the immune system work effectively to prevent infection.

An investigation of the immune system should occur if meningitis, pneumonia, bone infections, or blood stream infections occur more than once.  Also, thrush of the mouth that cannot be cleared, chronic skin infections, and persistent diarrhea with inability to gain weight are important symptoms that demand attention. Recurrent upper respiratory infections often occur with problems of the immune system. These include sinusitis, bronchitis, and ear infections.

Treatment depends on the nature of the specific disorder. Some treatments include prophylactic or preventive antibiotics, others include replacement gamma globulin (antibodies).These treatments have allowed many patients to live normal and healthy lives.

The Allergist/Immunologist will determine the cause of recurrent infections, decide if the evaluation of the immune system is necessary, what tests to order, and then decide the best course of treatment.

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