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Allergy Asthma Specialists of Central Florida

True allergy specialists dedicated to improving your quality of life.

When it comes to diagnosing and treating allergy-related problems, Allergy Asthma Specialists are the best qualified. Drs. Patel, Arias, Bagg are specialty-trained in allergy/immunology and are board-certified or board-eligible. .

All are members of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and Florida Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society.
As allergy specialists, our doctors have specific expertise in managing common allergy problems like hay fever, pet allergies and other diseases such as asthma, sinus problems and cough. They also diagnose and treat the most complex allergic and immunologic conditions that may threaten your health, including:
  • Asthma – of all types, especially asthma that is worsening, despite rigorous medical treatment
  • Food, drug & insect allergy & anaphylaxis
  • Hives & angioedema (acute swelling) & hereditary angioedema that is life-threatening
  • Immune system dysfunction (provide immune replacement therapy)
  • Gastrointestinal allergies, including celiac disease & gluten intolerance
  • Atopic dermatitis & eczema

What is an Allergist?

An allergist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of allergies and their symptoms and manifestations, such as sinusitis, sinus infections, postnasal drip and asthma attack. In order to find out if a person has allergy or not, skin testing is done, such as scratch testing, patch testing and ImmunoCAP® test. Allergy Asthma Specialists offers state-of-the-art and comprehensive diagnostic testing and treatment for all kinds of allergy.